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Product features
Its a basic learning kit for children age more than 8 years. Children can learn basis electric circuit and magnetism with the help of below activities: - Lighting one LED bulb with battery via a switch. Lighting two LED bulbs with battery via a switch. Lighting three LED bulbs with battery via a switch. Opposite Poles Attract Same Poles Repel Finding the objects attracted by magnet Finding iron particles from soil Attraction between magnets Converting a nail into magnet and many more. The Product Include: 1 Multi Purpose Plastic Box II 2 Toy Cars II 1 9V DC Battery II 1 Battery Connector II 2 Bar Magnet II 1 Magnetic Compass II 1 Plastic Fan Blade II 1 DC Motor II 1 Switch II 3 LED Bulb II 3 LED Bulb holders II 2 wire II 1 Nail II 1 Activity Plat II 2 Rubber bands II 1 Activity guide booklet

Technical Specification
Dimensions (in cms)34 x 9 x 24
Weight (in kgs)0.58
Age Group9-11yrs

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Customer Reviews

Electromagnetic Set is for what age group Kids?

Electromagnetic Set is for 9-11yrs age group Kids.

How much % discount is there on Electromagnetic Set at Bzaar?

8.9% discount is there on Electromagnetic Set at Bzaar.

Is it of the same quality and colour as it looks in the images?

Yes, It’s exactly the same.

What’s the dimension and weight of the Electromagnetic Set

Dimensions in cm - 34 x 9 x 24

Weight in kgs - 0.58

Which are the similar Products to Electromagnetic Set ?

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