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Product features
Educational Solar Bulldozer game for kids. | This is a very unique and learning game for kids. In this educational kit for kids, they will learn to make a working bulldozer that runs on solar energy. | Develop science skills and improves children's practical & planning ability. Solar games is a great for school and science projects. The toy is enabled with a solar panel which gives it the unique quality of running on solar power. This kit is specially designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor and they will also learn the advantages of natural resources. | Motivates the children to learn the concept of clean and green energy. No batteries required to run the toys. | Safe, educational and eco-friendly. | Best educational game for kids. | It is the perfect gift for aspiring engineers and thinkers.

Technical Specification
Dimensions (in cms)28 x 22 x 5
Weight (in kgs)0.322
Age Group6-8yrs,9-11yrs

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Customer Reviews

Solar Bulldozer is for what age group Kids?

Solar Bulldozer is for 6-8yrs,9-11yrs age group Kids.

How much % discount is there on Solar Bulldozer at Bzaar?

22.3% discount is there on Solar Bulldozer at Bzaar.

Is it of the same quality and colour as it looks in the images?

Yes, It’s exactly the same.

What’s the dimension and weight of the Solar Bulldozer

Dimensions in cm - 28 x 22 x 5

Weight in kgs - 0.322

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