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Chemistry Lab is a very important science, because everything in the Universe is made of chemical substances. The water you drink, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the hills you climb, are all chemical substances. This Chemistry Lab contains the equipment and chemicals needed to carry out many interesting experiments, but no chemistry set can be “complete” as there are millions of possible chemistry experiments. L

Technical Specification
Dimensions (in cms)5 x 22 x 10
Weight (in kgs)0.75
Age Group6-8yrs,9-11yrs

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Customer Reviews

CHEMISTRY LAB is for what age group Kids?

CHEMISTRY LAB is for 6-8yrs,9-11yrs age group Kids.

How much % discount is there on CHEMISTRY LAB at Bzaar?

28.2% discount is there on CHEMISTRY LAB at Bzaar.

Is it of the same quality and colour as it looks in the images?

Yes, It’s exactly the same.

What’s the dimension and weight of the CHEMISTRY LAB

Dimensions in cm - 5 x 22 x 10

Weight in kgs - 0.75

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