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What is the scale of a map? What do you do if you are lost? How do you use a compass? With this kit, children can experiment to find the answers to questions like these from their everyday observati-ons. They will learn all about navigat-ion by investigating maps, symbols, compasses, map scale, the sun and the stars, directions, and more.

Technical Specification
Dimensions (in cms)28 x 5 x 23
Weight (in kgs)0.49
Age Group2-5yrs,6-8yrs

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Customer Reviews

NATURE SCIENCE is for what age group Kids?

NATURE SCIENCE is for 2-5yrs,6-8yrs age group Kids.

How much % discount is there on NATURE SCIENCE at Bzaar?

19.3% discount is there on NATURE SCIENCE at Bzaar.

Is it of the same quality and colour as it looks in the images?

Yes, It’s exactly the same.

What’s the dimension and weight of the NATURE SCIENCE

Dimensions in cm - 28 x 5 x 23

Weight in kgs - 0.49

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