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What is the price range of Dolls on Bzaar

The Price range of Dolls on Bzaar is ₹214 to ₹214

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Age Group - 0 months to 12 years and Above

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Discount on Dolls is upto 18%.

Dolls for Kids

Girls are always fond of baby dolls because the dolls act as a friend to them. The dolls are always a good way of imbibing interactive and communicative skills. The baby dolls are an innovative way to make your kid well versed in different sets of skills, especially in communication skills. This becomes more relevant to the single child girls who don’t have any brother or sister to share their problems or feelings with. The baby dolls will always be in the trend irrespective of the change in generations and mindsets. It is a simple and very popular toy used by kids of all age groups.

Types of Dolls for Kids

Kids of course love dolls but there are different types of dolls in the market. Each type of doll has its own pros and cons and giving your kid the right kind of doll which suits the kid’s interest is quite an essential thing. Since these develop the kid’s communicative skills, it may help the kid to excel in public speaking. The type of doll will also decide the skill developed in the kid.

  • Baby Dolls - Baby dolls are specifically designed for baby girls. The baby girl ought to get excited about the baby doll. The baby doll will act as a friend to the baby girl. To keep the baby engaged, the baby doll will be just perfect. Nothing can match the baby doll when it comes to the love showered by the baby girl on the baby doll. Baby dolls are the type of dolls that have been in the trend for a long time and they will stay for a longer time. 

  • Fashion Dolls - Fashion dolls are something which kids love to dress up. Girls love to dress their fashion dolls beautifully and keep them very close to them while they fall asleep. The way the kid plays and talks with the doll is a treat to watch. The fashion dolls are already dressed up and the shopkeeper as well offers you one more set of clothes for the doll which is another thing that kids get excited about. 

  • DollHouses and Furniture -  How many of you remember the dollhouse you played with so excitedly? All of you right! How can one forget this beautiful toy set? The dollhouse and furniture have been fascinating toy set for kids because they simply have a lot to offer when it comes to playing with. The furniture and the whole dollhouse gives the kid a feeling of creating and maintaining her own home which is actually a good habit to learn right from childhood

Popular Baby Dolls for Kids

As we said, baby dolls have always been in the trend and they are gonna last forever which is why kids have now developed a huge love for this beautiful toy. They have started loving a few of the baby dolls too much, making the baby dolls highly popular. Out of the many baby dolls in the market, few of them are really popular which actually deserve to be on the list of popular baby dolls. 

  • Nice2You Baby Doll

  • Baby Alive -Little Marlowe

  • Baby Born Bathtub Surprise Pink Swaddle Fairy

  • JC Toys Store Layette Baby Doll Gift Set

Benefits of Dollhouses

Every doll type has its own set of benefits likewise, dollhouses have their own benefits to offer to the kid for the proper development of the kid. The benefits are such that they overshadow the cons of the dollhouses. A kid needs to have a dollhouse to grasp these important learnings and ensure a good upbringing. 

  • Imaginative Play - The dollhouse is an imaginative play and hence requires the kid to imagine and play with the dollhouse. The kid will develop a good imaginative skill which might help the kid in the adulthood stages. 

  • Open-ended Play - The dollhouse encourages the kid to engage in open-ended play. The open-ended play will also teach the kid to be open to all kinds of play. Open-ended play is equally important for the cognitive development of the child.

  • Importance of Routine - The dollhouse play is a play that involves most of the household things we do. And for household things to be done regularly, it requires a specific routine. Hence, this will imbibe a sense of importance in the kid’s mind towards routine. The kid will realize that the routine has to be followed regularly to let everything be done properly. 

  • Creativity - When a kid plays with a dollhouse, he/she learns to manage the things in that small toy house which imbibes creativity in the kid. This will help the kid in increasing his/her creativity.

Prices of the Fashion Dolls for Kids

For any type of doll for kids, the cost will differ even for subcategories in the dolls. The price range for fashion dolls particularly is quite low ranging from 200 rs to 500 rs making it cheap for the customers. At Bzaar, you can get all types of dolls along with superb discounts without any compromise done on the quality. Other than outdoor toys, you will also get many other types of toys on Bzaar with at least 50% discounts.

Why Bzaar for Dolls for Kids?

At Bzaar, you will get a range of different types of Dolls for kids. From fashion dolls to baby dolls, you will get all of them at amazing discounts on Bzaar. Bzaar offers you the toys of the highest quality within your price range and one which helps the kid develop his/her skillsets properly.