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The Price range of Stationary on Bzaar is ₹63 to ₹1010

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Age Group - 0 months to 12 years and Above

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Discount on Stationary is upto 81%.

Stationery for Kids

Stationery is something kids love to keep clean and one filled with their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. Stationery is very important for kids as it is an essential part of their academics. You as a parent obviously want to provide your child with all the facilities and give him/her the correct education. The stationery items such as the tiffin box, bottles, piggy bank, etc of the kids are cutest. The kids also maintain their stationery items properly and are very hygiene conscious about it as it has their favourite characters. Over the years, the stationery items have gone through a lot of transition and have become more creative and attractive. Hence, buying one attractive and lovely stationery is quite a must for a kid. 

Types of Stationery Items for Kids

Many people have this misconception that only school stationery is included in the stationery items for kids. But the fact is there are many other things included in the stationery items for kids. The stationery items for kids illustrate the kids interest as the kids always use the stationery which has the designs of their favourite characters. There are many types of stationery items that people don’t know but you as a parent must know what are the types of stationery items. While school stationery is an important part of academics, other stationeries depend on the kids' love for it.

  • Tiffin Box and Bottles - Kids love to have a tiffin box and bottles which have a design of their favourite cartoon. The water bottles for kids are very different from usual water bottles, they have a different structure altogether. They have a straw to sip the water from the straw and many bottles have a structure of certain cartoons.

  • Personal Hygiene Stationery - When kids are playing, they simply don’t care about anything which results in them not maintaining their personal hygiene. Kids are innocent and hence they don’t have any such knowledge, it is on the parents to inculcate a habit of maintaining personal hygiene. You can make the kid learn the personal hygiene habit through the cartoon hand sanitisers, attractive tissues, etc.

  • Colour Set Box - Kids are quite fond of colouring and drawing. The schools also have a separate subject of drawing wherein the kids are taught to draw something or colour the drawing. This is a very good way of teaching the kids two things at a time. The kids not only learn drawing but they also learn the numerical, reading ability, alphabets, etc.

  • School Supplies - The school supplies are common stationery for not only kids but for students as well. But as a parent, you must ensure that your kid has ample amounts of school supplies.

  • Piggy Bank - As kids, we all had our own piggy bank in which we did savings by preserving a small amount from the total pocket money gave to us. It is also good to encourage your kid for savings, as it has a lifelong impact on the kid’s financial understanding. So, you must encourage him to have a piggy bank with whatever design or cartoon character he/she demands.

  • Photo Album - The photo album is not a necessity for a kid but it will act as a memory for your family. You can keep the photo album with you for a lifetime and cherish the childhood memories of your kid. 

Age Group for Stationery Items of Kids

Stationery for kids can’t be used by any age group. Every age group has different stationery and hence you must choose the stationery according to the age group. At Bzaar, you will get exclusive discounts on stationery items for kids aged from 0 months to 12 months. 

Cost of the Stationery Kit for Kids

Kids require a lot of stationery items for their academics and to buy each different stationery item can turn out to be expensive. This is why the demand for a single place where all the stationery items are available at a reasonable price. So, let us tell you that there are stationery kits available in the market which have all the required stationery items and within your budget.

Skills Developed by stationery Items

Every stationery item develops a different set of skills in the kid. And you must know what skills your kid is developing. The stationery items for kids develop a range of skills in kids.

  • Imagination - When a kid loves a certain superhero or a cartoon character, there must be some reason behind the kid loving that character. The kid also chooses the stationery of that character. The stationery selected by the kid depicts the imagination of the kid. 

  • Problem-solving - Some stationery items involve a lot of push and pull instruments which makes the kids think about what to click in order to open something. This develops a problem-solving attitude in the kid.

  • Motor Skills - Various stationery items involve different motor skills. When a kid uses a pencil to write something, he/she uses the fingers to write and brain as well to plan what he/she has to write. These will result in the improvement in the fine motor skills of the kid.

Why Bzaar for Stationery for Kids?

At Bzaar, you will get a range of different types of stationery items for kids. Be it school supplies or a colour set box, you will get all of them at amazing discounts on Bzaar. Bzaar offers you the toys of the highest quality within your price range and one which helps the kid develop his/her skillsets properly.