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What is the price range of Toddler Games on Bzaar

The Price range of Toddler Games on Bzaar is ₹50 to ₹2014

For what age group Toddler Games are available?

Age Group - 0 months to 12 years and Above

How much % Discount is there on Toddler Games at Bzaar Online Store?

Discount on Toddler Games is upto 66%.

Toddler Games for Kids

Toddler games refer to the games being played by kids aged below 2 to 3 years. Since these kids are too young, the utmost care has to be taken to ensure the safety of your child. As a parent, you definitely don’t want to take any risk by letting your child play with anything that can harm him/her. So, you should give him/her the toys which are suitable for kids of his/her age. This is where toddler games come into play. These are the games that come with good safety as they are designed for kids of that particular age. The child as well loves to play with it. Toddler games are important for teaching the basics of academics and then taking it forward to other things. 

Various types of Toddler Games

Toddler games play an influential role in the good upbringing of the child. It improves the learning process of the kid. For you to give your child access to the things he/she is most interested in has to be a priority. For that, you will also have to become a kid and understand his skills and demands and channel it in the right direction. You must also know what are the types of games you can offer him to play with. There is a range of toddler games that teach the kids different types of skills. 

  • Rattles - For kids to understand your words and reciprocate on the actions it is important for the kid to hear your voice. The rattles toy improves the sound hearing ability of the kid. The rattles make the sound when shaken or moved. This alerts the child and makes the child familiar with the noise. The rattles toy also develops the baby's attention span and reactive approach to the noises. The kid also learns the cause and effect skill through the rattles. This happens when the kid moves the rattle, it makes a sound that makes him/her understand the simple cause and effect relationship of the toy.

  • Play Gyms - Kids are no doubt very active and hence they want to keep playing 24*7. You as a parent surely want your child to be fit and fine. Of course, he/she is not going to do the gym and lift the dumbbells but there are other ways to ensure the fitness of your child without any harm. This is where play gym toys come into the picture. The play gym toys are toys that make the kid use his hand and legs ensuring the exercise of the kid. Through this toy, you can also make the kid learn the alphabet and numerical as they are designed to imbibe different types of skills in the kid.

  • Activity Table - The activity table is one of the many interesting and fun toys for kids. The activity table has different types of games which makes the kid quite active in terms of his body and brain movements. This is another form of activity that involves a lot of learning processes for the kid. You don’t constantly have to play with your kid, let the kid alone play with the activity table.

  • Push and Pull - Push and pull toys are simple machine toys which are designed to improve the fine motor skills of the kid. The push and pull target at improving different sets of skills amongst the kids. Examples of push and pull are spinning toys, riding toys, small balls of paper, etc. These are cheap and effective toys helping the kid in the improvement of a range of skills.

  • Learning and Education Toys - Each toy teaches the kid something knowledgeable, but learning and education toys are aimed at giving the kid more exposure to his/her academics through the effective way of toys. These toys teach the child maths, science, and other subjects making it easier for kids to learn academic subjects.

  • Bath Toys - There are a number of toys for toddlers amongst which bath toys are one of them. Bathing the kid is a tedious task as a parent. The kid keeps moving and doesn’t stand which makes it difficult for you. But don’t worry! Bath toys are here to your rescue. While the kid plays with the bath toys, you can complete his/her bathing.

  • Stacking Toys - Stacking toys are quite simple and fun-loving toys. They encourage the kids to involve themselves in the play activities. The stacking toys will increase the attentiveness of the kid, colour awareness, and many other skills. 

  • Baby Care - Baby care toys are not actually toys but are daily essentials such as toothbrushes, sanitizers, etc. Kids love to have their favorite cartoons and superheroes in their everyday life which makes the baby care toys all the more cute and essential. 

  • Electronic Toys - Kids are always fascinated by toys especially electronic toys. The different things happening with the toy through the tip of fingers give the kid vivid joy. The electronic toys also turn out to be useful to teach the kids academics.

Indoor and Outdoor Toddler Games

Toddler games are of two types of toddler games indoor and outdoor games. Both indoor and outdoor games have their own pros and cons. While indoor games are more about improving intellectual skills, outdoor games aim at the fitness of the kid. Both are important for the growth of the kid.

  • Indoor Games - The indoor games for toddlers are Pictionary, in and out hangman, indoor obstacle course, pitching pennies, etc. These games will help the kid grow his intellectual skills. The important part of indoor games is that it does not only improve the mind of the kid but also involves some hand-eye coordination. 

  • Outdoor Games - Outdoor games are equally important as indoor games. The outdoor games will ensure the movements of the muscles of the kids. The outdoor games for toddlers are throwing and chasing the ball, walking, jumping around trees, etc. 

Price Range of Toddler Games 

Toys are no less than an essential part of children. Hence, you must spend enough on toys to ensure the happiness of your child. The price of the toddler games ranges from 100 rs to 1600 rs on Bzaar. You can get all types of toddler toys on Bzaar at amazing discounts. 

Why Bzaar for Toddler Games?

At Bzaar, you will get a range of different types of toddler games for kids. Be it indoor toddler games or outdoor toddler games, you will get all of them at amazing discounts on Bzaar. Bzaar offers you the toys of the highest quality within your price range and one which helps the kid develop his/her skillsets properly.